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Legal Affairs Specialist

1. Draft, formulate and review all kinds of legal documents, such as agreements, contracts and regulations, supervise the contract execution; 
2. Put forward forewarning on the legal risk for company, comb internal control process, and put forward suggestions for improvement;
3. Provide legal advice on new business and special affairs, identify and evaluate compliance risks, provide compliance support;
4. Participate in negotiations of major projects, audit internal contracts, participate in litigation and arbitration;
5. Follow the changes of laws, regulations, and rules of the target market, make suggestions based on business development;
6. Responsible for company's comprehensive legal affairs, including contract review and recheck, negotiation of important contracts, intellectual property management, license qualification management, legal training, etc.
1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in law, marketing, finance and other related field;
2. Minimum 2 years experience as lawyer or in well-known law firm;
3. Able to draw up a contract;
4. Experience of the session and litigation of transnational economic case disputes preferred;
5. Pass National Judicial Exam, own legal professional qualification certificate;
6. Quick and flexible thinking, with innovation awareness and strain ability.
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